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CLCA Landscape Awards Night

 Join the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of California Landscape Contractors Association for the 48th annual landscape awards. Cancelled for the last two years due to the pandemic, the entries are in and judged. Click here to sign up.

Peninsula Building Materials Sponsors San Francisco Bay Flower and Garden Show

After a couple of years of quarantining on and off due to the pandemic, it’s refreshing to see events in the industry making a comeback in the Bay Area.   Last month the San Francisco Bay Flower and Garden Show came back strong at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. One of the highlights of the show was the “The Origins of Horticulture” garden display.   Set up as a walking path, it transported the attendees through the ages, taking them from Ancient Egypt to Japan. The entrance was designed with gold limestone pavers set in path fines and flanked by Utah Sunrise boulders. Ornamental statues, personality boulders, secret doors and garden benches gave viewer interest at every step along the way. The display showcased a number of California native flowers that were gorgeous and in full bloom. The San Francisco Bay Flower and Garden Show also featured a number of talks, demonstrations, and seminars.   Steve List, pictured left with Steve Ritz of the Green Bronx Machine, hosted Veggie

SFBAC of CLCA Tour Zanker Recycling

On May 12, 2022, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of California Landscape Contractors Association went on a free tour of Zanker Recycling, 675 Los Esteros Road, San Jose. The tour started at 10 AM and end at 12 Noon with Zanker providing lunch. Over 30 people attended this event. Safety comes first... The group was very lucky to have as tour guide Jerame Renteria. He proved to be well informed about the various sites and answered the groups questions. Clearly knowing his subject well, he was an excellent spokes person for Zanker. The group was also lucky to have a fine bus driver who even managed, without a backup camera, to make a 3-point U-turn inside the organics recycling building. We were surprised to learn that 70% of the costs of running the site are tied up in transportation. Zanker Road Resource Management began operations of the Zanker Road Landfill in 1985 and was to be full in 5 years, but smart management has kept the site open. Site 2—Know formerly as the Owens Corning

Annuals and the Drought

We all love the splash of color that annuals bring to the garden from spring until the first frost, but we are also in drought conditions. Here are a few water thrifty annuals for 2022. Zinnias—long a garden favorite, Zinnias are a colorful and long-lasting addition to the flower garden.   Periwinkle—AKA annual vinca is drought tolerant and requires almost no maintenance to keep it looking terrific. Moss Roses—AKA Portulaca grandiflora, are a drought and heat tolerant annual native to hot, dry plains in Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay and has showy flowers that bloom all summer long with little care. Cosmos—Cosmos can tolerate warm, dry weather very well. They are even drought tolerant. Petunia—They tolerate lots of heat and are relatively undemanding when it comes to water. It is necessary to deadhead plants to keep them blooming.   Salvias—Their drought-resistant nature and low maintenance make them a perfect choice for an easy-care garden. Celosias—Is a pretty easy pla